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Trophy Challenge Woodford Glen - Heat 2

Three race meetings into the season and no major crashes is a great start.

Nelson's Top of the South Speedway - Opening Meeting, 14 Oct 2017

First heat at Nelson and car was waaaaay too loose and no sidebite. Struggled to maintain nice race line and lost one place to finish 5th.
Second heat and the changes we had made were too good. Too much side bite and lifting the left front too high. But the car was fast and felt very good to drive. Finished 4th from grid 6 but it could have been so much better.
So starting off grid 4 for the feature which is good for us.
Not a good feature race for us with a couple of reverse spins which has us suspecting a steering issue which we will investigate in depth this week.
The other problem is the driver, he is far too aggressive and needs to smooth things out big time to have any chance of getting any decent results. Old Dog and New Tricks comes to mind!

Woodford Glen Speedway - Opening Meeting Trophy Challenge, 21 Oct 2017

A very difficult first heat tonight losing many placings due to car being far too tight lifting left front wheel dramatically.
We managed to perform really well in the next two heats setting 2nd fastest lap time in both and netting 5th place trophy overall for our efforts.
Gotta thank Glen and Casey for all their hard work on 811 plus Greg Keegan for your support and encouragement.
I'm giving the trophy to my young nephew Travis who is visiting from Wellington. Only 4 years old, helping on the car at home then watching me race for the first time. Thanks wee buddy :)

Woodford Glen Speedway - Fireworks Extravaganza, 28 Oct 2017

Had a mixed night. Heat 1 started at rear and engine felt like it was starving for fuel and just wouldn't go. Thanks to Jackson Lovelady who sorted carby problem and I cleaned the fuel filters we made it out for heat 2.
I chose to forfeit my front row grid because I was concerned engine may not go hard but all was good and I managed to pass cars at ease and finish 3rd.
Feature qualified 5th but spun when I checked up under brakes to avoid hitting Richie into turn 3. Got going again and had a great run pulling similar lap times to leaders and car was performing very well.
Thanks to Pam, Casey and Rosie, my all girl crew for the night. Plus John, Jackson & Greg for all the support and encouragement :)

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